In-Law & Secondary Dwelling Renovations in Ottawa

Is Your Basement Making You Money?

Turn Your Basement into a Separate Living Space!

Did you know that your basement can be paying part if not all of your mortgage? With the right design and quality of the finish, you can attract quality renters that will pay top dollar for the apartments we build. Perhaps you want to purchase a whole property and divide it into 2 seperate dwellings, well we have the experience and know how to do that too. Secondary dwellings are commonly referred to as one of the most difficult types of renovations because of the extensive building & fire code involved to seperate the units. This is an area you want to leave to the professionals. Not only do we renovate the basement, we also will renovate the upper units as well if desired.

You can also reserve your basement for family which referred to as “in-law suites.” The goal is to design and build the area with a sufficient amount of privacy so it is truly a separate unit. As a result, these types of spaces typically include their own bathrooms and kitchens.

Basements can be easily renovated into beautiful in-law and rental suites. Whether you are trying to make space for a loved one or you are looking to earn an extra income by renting out part of your property, our Ottawa basement renovation team at can get the job done right! We handle everything from the design all the way through the completion of construction.

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