About Our Company

Jack of ALL trades, MASTER of BASEMENTS

We are the BASEMENT SPECIALISTS. Many companies finish basements, few ever do them right. That’s puts your hard earned investment at risk. The staff at OttawaFinishedBasements.com has been finishing basements since 2005. We used to be known as Klassen Advanced Renovations Inc. and we’re experts when it comes to basement transformation, we’ve seen it all and it’s what we know best! We take old, stuffy basements and turn them into completely new living areas, from gorgeous family entertainment areas to rental income units; using cutting edge methods and materials.

Driven by Mission:

Our mission is to build the best quality premium spaces possible. We’re often reciting that we we’re more concerned with what is behind the walls, than what you see on the face of them. Almost anyone can make a nice looking basement with some creativity and design choices, but not oo many companies can BUILD IT RIGHT – that’s what you DESERVE for your investment. Basements are a unique space with characteristics that require specific knowledge and products to build them warm, dry and mould free to last a lifetime. And of course, we also build them beautifully customised to our customers exact specifications, or we can design that too!

Customer needs & attention are just as equal to our mission as quality. We will never upsell you on something you do not need. If we can steer you away from a high end finishing in order to put it towards a better contruction method or material that will better serve you, then we will always make that effort. We want our customers to have to best quality basement, with the best quality service, for the most reasonable price, and them always knowing they are a valued part of the process.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest in town, but high standards of quality & service to produce a valuable asset does take a reasonable investment.

Why Us:

There are some good reasons that people are turning to us first when it comes to their basement renovation:

• We’re one of the few specialized basement finishing companies in Ottawa
• We have over 12 years of experience
• We’ve renovated hundreds of basements
• We’re a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
• We offer a 3-year warranty
• We have extensive experience, knowledge and expertise
• We offer estimates, floor plans, and design consultations.

If you are ready to recreate your basement and turn it into a space you will always enjoy, give us a call today at (613) 627-3410!

Why Choose Us

  • Our team has ten years experience
  • BBB Rating
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • One-on-One Design Consultation